Who We Are



I am a 29 year old mother of three, trying my best to find (and keep) peace and happiness. I am a nursing school student and lover of all things Stephen King. I work every day to keep my eating disorder and depression quiet so that I can succeed in life.




So they call me Toots. You can probably guess why – I’m a vegetarian. I love to make people laugh. I was asked to write something about myself, but this is difficult. I love spending time with my family.




Hi! My name is Jess and I’m a 21 year old dog mom! I love coffee, country music, & rescuing dogs. I’m currently struggling with an eating disorder that has plagued me for the past eight years. It is my goal to shed light and awareness onto the disorders that so many of us suffer with in silence.




Hi there, I’m Kat!  I’m a 23 year old trying to find my place in the world.  I have struggled with Anorexia and Orthorexia since I was 19.  Everyday I work on my recovery and inch closer to an eating disorder free life.  I hope to help others by sharing my story.




I’m just a 30 something trying to figure out my place in the world.  Wanting to make a difference, and help those who are needing support.  I want to be an advocate for eating disorders and do what I can to let those who are hurting know that they matter!