Your dog doesn’t care about your weight (and neither should you).

Today there will be a few different post.  2 of them will be from Jess!  Jess is truly an amazing person!  I am super glad she is a part of my life, and my forever family.


When you look at your dog you see more than a furry creature on four legs. You see more than big ears, muddy paws, and a slobbery tongue. You see a friend. Your best friend. And that’s what he sees when he looks at you. He doesn’t see your scars or your blemishes. He sees the way your face lights up when he greets you at the door. He sees what matters. He doesn’t care about your weight. He doesn’t care if your arms jiggle or your thighs touch. He cares about your kindness and your compassion. He cares about the way you throw the frisbee everyday in the backyard and the way you let him crawl into bed with you each night.

When your dog doesn’t like someone it’s a bad sign, right? If he barks and growls you know something must be up. You trust his judgement of other people, so why not his judgement of you? He doesn’t judge you based upon your weight or your appearance. He judges you based on what really matters. You’re a good person and he knows it. Dogs are wise that way.


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