Perks of Weight Gain

This post is also from Jess!  She does make some pretty valid points on weight gain!


This is for my Kirkwood family and anyone else who struggles with the idea of gaining weight.

As women we are constantly bombarded by TV ads and Facebook groups trying to sell us items that promise to help us attain the “perfect body type” or “natural health.” Physical health can only mean so much when our mental health is suffering. What we should really be focusing on is loving ourselves as we are. In a society that seems to put so much pressure on losing weight, I would like to remind everyone of what you gain when you let go of the notion that you have to be skinny to be happy. For many of us gaining weight is synonymous with failure, but I’m here to tell you about all the positive things that come with gaining a few pounds!!

Perks of gaining weight
* You don’t look like a zombie anymore
* You don’t feel like a zombie anymore
* You don’t feel tired all of the time
* You can actually gain muscle mass
* You get boobs!!? I mean how cool is that??
* You can participate in fun things without getting tired so quickly
* With less time in the gym, you can do more fun things with friends!
* You spend less time thinking about food/working out.
* You start to see yourself as more than just a body.
* And your body image actually improves!!


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