A Letter to Those Who Say I Make Them Feel Fat

*This post is by Jess!  Thanks Jess!*


“If you think you’re fat then you must think I’m huge.”

No. Stop.

Please don’t begin to view yourself as fat because of my distorted view of myself. My body dysmorphia only affects the way I see myself. I see you just as you are. And I think you look perfect. I know this may not seem logical, but bear with me. After all, it is a psychological disorder and they don’t always make sense. I do not see myself in relation to you. Me thinking I am fat does not mean I think you are fat, regardless of wether or not you are larger than me. Honestly, I would rather look like you than myself regardless of your size. You see, the root of my problems is not in my physical appearance, but in who I am as a person. My incredibly low self worth has caused me to turn against my body as it is the one thing I know I can change about myself. I can’t change the core of who I am but I can change my weight. This is why I am so judgmental of my body. I hold myself to different standards than I do anyone else, because I see myself as less than everyone else. I hate my body but I do not in any way think that you need to change yours. And the idea that you think that I think of you as fat breaks my heart. I would never wish for anyone else to feel the way I do about themselves. So no, I don’t think you are fat. I think you are a wonderful person and I would be honored to be like you in any way.


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